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Issue 329 Lu Yi arranged three prediction awards: the largest omissions of positioning

Lottery retrospective: Sports Color Arrangement 3rd No. 2022328 Award number: 620, Type: Group 6.

1. Group selection 0-9 biggest omissions

From the selection number 0-9 distributed map, it can be seen that the current number 3 and 5 are the coldest, and the leakage of 6 issues. The biggest omissions in history are 22 and 35, respectively.

2. Positioning the biggest omissions

At present, the coldest number of the hundred is 4, and the current 43 issues are missing. The biggest omissions of this number history are 66 issues. In this issue, 100 numbers 4 have no signs of thawing and continue to give up.

At present, the maximum number of the top ten is 0, and the current omissions are 32 issues. The biggest omissions in history are 62 issues. In this issue, the ten -digit number 0 appears.

At present, the coldest number of the individual digit is 3, and the omissions are 25. In history, the largest number of missing numbers is 76, and the individual defense number is unsealed in this period.

3. Group selection frequency analysis

Arranged 322328 issued award number 620. The number of this number has appeared 32 times in the history of the history., 757, 906, 544, 180, 387, 489, 117, 895, 164, 349, 546, 208, 670, 994, 570, 148, 211, 677, 866, 762, 329, see the table below for details:

Among them, the group was opened 11 times, and the group six opened 20 times.In addition, in the next lottery, the 19th prize number includes the heavy number of 026, and the 12 -phase award number does not include the heavy number. This issue is optimistic that the heavy number will appear again. It is expected that the sixs of the group will be opened.

Fourth, direct selection number analysis

Arranged 322328 issue number 620. The number of direct selection types in this number appeared twice in history.

Among them, the hundred strange puppet ratio is 0: 1, the size ratio is 0: 1, and the one -yard of one code in this issue is 0.

The ten strange coupling ratio is 1: 0, the size ratio is 0: 1, and the ten reference numbers 2 in this issue.

The single -digit ratio is 1: 0 and the size ratio is 0: 1.

Recommended by Lu Yita Line 322329 Recommendation: Type -Group 6

Arrange 3rd 2022329 Kill one code: 4

Arrange 322329 Reference: 2

Arranged 322329 Direct Selection: (02368) (01269) (02389)

Six in the 2022329 Group Six Phase: 012589

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