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Issue 329 Lao Yang Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Analysis of Cold and Cooler Number

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of 322328 Phase: 620, positioning direct selection of leakage values 16, 9, and 2 periods, and the total amount of omissions is 27.

The first number: The previous issue was: 6, the omissions of 16, the relatively cold, the temperature code recently appeared low, the temperature -proof code appeared in this period, followed 5.

Medium number: The last issue appeared: 2, the omissions of 9 occurred, the trend was mild, and the hot code appeared less recently. Pay attention to the hot code rebound in this period. It is optimistic about 6.

The last number: appeared in the previous issue: 0, omitted 2 periods again, obviously active, cold code opening frequency is low. Pay attention to the cold code unblocking in this period and follow 3.

Recommended Issue 2022329 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 5 6

One code for killing: 7

5*5*5 direct selection reference: 01569*02468*13469

Group Six Reference: 023456

Reference: 563

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