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Issue 329 Haitian Arrangement Three Prediction Awards: Recommended by Tail Size

Review of the previous issue: Arrangement of the 2022328 Phase: 620, award number and value: 8, the strange coupling ratio 1: 2, size ratio 1: 2.

Recommended by Tail 012: Analysis of the first 50 prizes, the comparison of the tail 012 is 26: 10: 14, and the tail is obviously more. Analyze the first 20 -phase award number, and the tail 012 is opened 12: 3: 5, 0, and tails are obviously more. This issue is expected to open 0 and tails, follow and end 9.

Recommended by the tail size: Analyze the first 50 issues, and the tail size is 21:29, and the small and tail are relatively small; the analysis of the first 20 issues, the comparison of the tail size 11: 9, the number of the tail size is basically equivalentIn this issue, it is optimistic about the appearance of Yamato.

Recommended with tail quality: Statistics the first 50 prizes, the comparison of the tail quality is 26:24, and the number of tail quality is basically the same; the statistical first 20 prize number is 9:11, and the tail is tail.The proportion of quality is equivalent, and the number of pay attention to the number and tail of this period.

Direct selection analysis: A large, even numbers appeared in the previous period: 6. Pay attention to small numbers and even numbers in this issue: 4;

Ten digits appeared in the last issue 2, trumpet: 2, ten in this issue, followed 2, large: 8; 8; 8; 8; 8; 8;

0 roads and trumpets appeared in the last period of individual digits: 0, refer to 1, large number in this period: 7; 7;

Haitian Arrangement 322329 Recommendation:

Drived reference: 4, double gallbladder reference: 4, 7

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 45679-03468-02579

Group 6 6 yards Reference: 024678

Single Number Reference: 004 024 034 049 144 247 247 347 348 448 469 477 478

Selected note: 487

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