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Issue 329 Four Uncle Arrangement 3 Prediction Awards: Direct Election 620 Analysis

I. Sports Lottery Over 322328 Phase 620. The number of direct selection in this number has appeared twice in history, and the election has appeared 32 times.

2. Direct selection 620 analysis

The Sports Lottery Arrangement III number 620 has appeared twice in history.

From the statistics above, it can be seen that after the direct selection number 620 is opened, the next prize number:

Hundreds of numbers are 0: 1, and the miracle is cold. In this issue, it is optimistic about the odds; the size ratio is 0: 1, and the large trend is relatively cold.

The ten -digit number strange ratio is 1: 0, and the number is cold. In this issue, the number of even numbers appears; the size ratio is 0: 1, and the small performance is active. The trumpet is expected to open in this issue.

The single -digit number of the strange ratio is 1: 0, and the performance of the odd numbers is relatively hot. It is expected that the odd numbers are expected to be reappeared in this issue; the size ratio is 0: 1, the large number is relatively cold, and the large number is expected to be issued in this issue.

3. Group selection 026 analysis

The three sets of selection numbers in sports lottery arranged 32 times in history. The next prize number is: 976, 187, 224, 223, 349, 029, 990, 841, 800, 757, 906, 544, 180, 387, 489, 489, 117, 895, 164, 349, 324, 546, 208, 670, 994, 570, 148, 211, 677, 866, 762, 329, see the table below in detail: below:

It can be seen from the above table that after the selection number 026 is opened, the three numbers with the most number of times are: 497, the three -coding number in this period;It is expected that these three numbers will not appear at the same time, one yard in this period: 5.

Four Uncle Lottery Arrangement 322329 Recommendation:

Bald code reference: 479, unique reference: 7

One code for killing: 5

Positioning 5 yards reference: 04789*01346*23789

Group 6 6 yards Reference: 024679

Selected number: 907

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