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Issue 323 Yang Guangfu 3d 3D Forecast Number: Single Inject Number Selection

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2022322: Award number 900, a prize number in the prize number is 0: 3, the size ratio is 1: 2, the span is 9, and the type is a group three.

Hundreds of analysis: The number 9 appeared in the previous period: large, the number of symposiums, in the 9 consecutive periods, the hundreds are: large, quality: 7; large, metrics: 8; large, quality: 7; 7; 7; 7; 7;Large, quality number: 7; trumpet, quality number: 3; trumpet, quality number: 2; trumpet, total number: 4; small, quality number: 3; large, metropolitanThe quality number is frequently opened, and the hundreds are expected to open a trumpet and quality number in this issue.

Ten -digit analysis: Award number appeared in the previous issue: Symbols, Tips: 0, the last ninth issue of this digit number: Quality numbers, trumpets: 1; total number, large number: 9; total number, trumpet: 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4; 4;Quality numbers, large: 7; quality number, large number: 7; quality number, trumpet: 2; total number, trumpet: 0; small number: 0; total number, trumpet: 0, of which large number is issuedWith less, the number of joints is frequent, and the ten bits are expected to open the number and large number in this issue.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 0 appeared in the previous period: the number, the trumpet, and the ten stages of the last 9th., Large; 0: Subsidies, Tips; 1: Quality Number, Small Number; 9: Subsidies, Large Numbers; 4: Subsidies, Small Number; 0: Syndrome, Timber, which is obviously hot in the trumpet.The quality of the quality is obviously weak, and the individual is concerned about quality numbers and trumpets.

No. 2022323 Fucai 3D direct selection Type Reference: Quality and small size.

Spoof analysis: The previous span opened 9, rising 5 points. The expected span in this period is small, pay attention to the span 7.

Yang Guangfu 3D 3D No. 2022323 Recommendation:

Double gall: 1, 8, unique: 1

Kill a code: 2

Positioning direct selection: 01359-01468-13456

6 code group 6: 013568

Single selection number: 001 011 016 113 116 117 135 138 147 157 158 168 169 178

Selected note: 381

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