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Issue 319 Lao Liang Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Duplex Group 6 Reference

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 20223188 prize number: 021, the missing values of each number are 8, 34, and 8, respectively, and the total amount of omissions is 50.

In the last issue of the first place, the prize number: 0, the interval 8 times, the trend is the warm code, the number of cold codes in the last 10 periods, the number of cold codes in the past 10, this issue of the cold code thawed, reference number 8.

The second prize number in the previous issue was: 2, the interval was opened after 34, and the performance was relatively cold. The hot code was very lively in this place recently and appeared 6 times. In this issue, it is optimistic about the hot code again, followed the number 6.

The third place appeared in the previous issue: 1, the interval 8 times again, the omissions were not too large, and the number of thermal codes in the 10th period was very small. This issue focused on the replenishment of the hot code in this issue.

Recommended by Lao Liang Sports Line 322319 Phase Number:

Double bold reference: 1 8

Kill number: 0

Direct selection 5*5*5 code Reference: 12489*12369*13568

Duplex group 6 Reference: 125689

Selected Award Number: 861

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