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Issue 319 Golden Heart Arranges Three Predictive Awards: Direct Selection Duplex Reference

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2022318th Lottery: 021, the qualitative ratio is 2: 1, the unique ratio is 0: 3, and the size ratio is 1: 2.

Point: The previous issue was 1, the signal, the number number in the past two weeks was relatively cold. This issue is optimistic about the number of numbers, refer to 9.

Ten digits: 2, trumpet, trumpet, the trumpet in the first two weeks, the first issue of the first period, the trumpet in this issue, followed 2.

Hundred positions: 0, even numbers in the last period, the even number in the past two weeks is significantly active, with 3 periods in a row.

Jinxin Arrangement 322319 Recommendation:

Two yards reference: 2 4

Kill number: 8

Direct reference: 23457*01234*23469

Group 6 Reference: 124579

Single note reference: 022 025 046 123 125 223 245 249 299 344 466 467

Direct reference: 429

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