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Issue 315 Old Sword Arrangement Three Predictions: Direct Selection Reference Group 6 Reference

Lottery retrospective: Arranged 322314 Phase: 715, Type: Group 6, Summary ratio 3: 0, size ratio of 2: 1, and value 13, span 6.

Person: The number of qualitative numbers in the near future is basically flat. After the quality digits of the mass number in the previous period, the estimated digital numbers in this issue have repeatedly appeared; in addition, in the last 18 -phase lottery, the individual digit is active in the 1 and 2 number of the number. The number trend is relatively cold. This issue is optimistic about the number 0 number to continue to get cold. Reference number 2.

Ten digits: Recently, the number of strange couple numbers has basically been flat. After the odd numbers are issued in the previous issue, the prevalence of the odd number of the strange numbers in this issue has appeared; The performance is relatively cold. In this issue, this digit abandoned the 2nd number, reference number 3.

Hundred positions: The recent frequency of the trumpet has a high frequency. After the rotation of the previous issue, the small number is heated again in this issue. There are fewer, the number of defense 0 roads is short again, reference number 4.

Reference of the old knife arranged 322315:

Bald code: 34

Kill number: 0

Direct reference: 12458-13679-12578

Group 6 Reference: 123489

Selected note: 432

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