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Issue 315 Longjiu arrangement three forecasts: group 66 yards recommendation

Review of the last issue: Arrangement 322314 is: 715. The prize number group six, the size ratio of 2: 1, the strange even 3: 0, 012 road 0: 2: 1.

Hundreds of analysis: The last prize number was 7, 1st, odd, and large, in the first 11th prize number, the 012 road ratio is 4: 4: 3, the number of 012 is the same. The number of missed numbers is 3, 0, and 4, respectively. Recently, a hundred positions pay attention to the number 0 number.

In the first 11th prize number, a hundred strange puppets were 6: 5 compared to the opening, and the number was colder. Pay attention to the even number of replenishment in this issue;

In the first 11th prize number, the hundred size was 3: 8 than the size, and the large number was cold. In this issue

The 100 -digit number is expected to be in: 23469, and the gallbladder is optimistic about 6.

Ten -digit analysis: The last prize number was 1, a trumpet, odd number, and one number 1 number appeared. Among the 11 consecutive periods, the size ratio was 6: 5, and the trumpet appeared less.

In the 11th consecutive period, the puppet ratio is 7: 4, and the even trend is relatively cold.

In the 11th consecutive period, the 012 route ratio is 2: 6: 3, and the number 1 number is heated. Currently, the number of missing periods in the 012 route is: Phase 1, 0, and 3. 1 prize number.

Ten points in this issue are 02479, focusing on reference number 4.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 5 in the previous period was 5: 6 in the 11 consecutive prizes, which were 5: 6 in the prize of odd numbers, large, and 2.

The size of the 11th consecutiveth is 6: 5, the trumpet is colder, and the trumpet is expected to make up for this issue;

In the 11th consecutive period, the number 012 ratio is 3: 3: 5, and the number of routes of 012 is equivalent. In this issue, the number of 012 routes: Phase 1, 4, and 0. Pay attention to the number 0 number in the near future.

This issue is optimistic about: 03467, and the bile code reference 3.

Recommended by Longjiu O arrangeing 322315 issue number:

Two gallbladder: 3, 6

Positioning number: 08-13-28

One yard of lore: 1

Direct selection 5*5*5 Recommendation: 23469-02479-03467

Group 6 6 yards recommendation: 346789

Single note recommendation: 026 034 056 069 237 337 334343399 456 569 668 699

Direct selection single -out: 643

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