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Issue 315 Lao Zheng arranged three predictions: Double -selected attention

Lottery retrospective: The number of prizes for three previous periods is: 715, the size ratio is 2: 1, the strange puppet ratio is 3: 0, and the mass -proportion is 3: 0.

The hundred digits were issued in the previous issue, which was a strange number. The odd numbers were relatively recently issued. There are currently 3 consecutive periods of strange numbers. There are no signs of turning cold. In this issue, it is optimistic that the strange number number is issued again, and the reference number 1.

Ten digits were released in the previous period, a trumpet, a trumpet, and a small trend recently. Currently, it has opened one issue and started to make up. Pay attention to the trumpet to continue to replenish, follow 3.

The last period of individual numbers is 5, the number number, the number number is low in the near future. After the previous period is cold, the number is optimistic about the number again, and the reference number 9.

Recommended number of the 2022315 issue of Lao Zhengcai: Recommended:

Two yards follow: 3 9

Exclude number: 4

Duplex direct selection: 12689*01356*12379

Duplex group 6 follow: 013789

Single selection number follow: 139

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