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Issue 315 Huang Huan 3D Forecast Award: Analysis of the Small Size

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2022314 issued award number 714. The form of the prize number is group six, the ratio ratio is 2: 1, 012 to 0: 3: 0, the size ratio is 1: 2, the value is 12, and the span is 6.

1. Harmony analysis:

In the last period, the sum of the value 12, the omissions of the 37th period were thawed, and the trend was relatively cold. The history of the sum of the value 12 was issued 506 times. This issue focuses on the hot code and value.

The last 10 periods and the amplitude of the values ​​were opened respectively: 11-8-2-0-11-7-3-0-1-3, showing an upward trend, and the range of value fluctuations is wide. Optimistic and values ​​appear in the central region.

In terms of tail, the last 10 periods and tails are: 9, 7, 5, 5, 4, 1, 4, 4, 5, 2, and the tail -to -tails are 6: 4, and the size ratio is 5: 5, 012 The ratio is 1: 5: 4, the expected and tail increase in this period, reference and tail 5. Reference 15 in this issue 15.

Second, span analysis:

In the previous period, the span was 6, the missed 19 period was thawed, and the performance was cold. Historically, the span 6 appeared 1116 times. In this issue, the hot code span appeared.

The span amplitude in the first 10 periods is: 4-3-2-3-6-6-1-2-2-1, gradually decreased, and the span range is large. The span in this period is greatly adjusted, focusing on the span 5.

Third, the analysis of the puppet, size:

In the last period, the Qiqi Puppet combination was launched, and the number of numbers appeared less. In this issue, it was prevented from replenishment.

The last prize number was small and small combinations, and the small trend was relatively hot. In this issue, it is optimistic that it continues to be hot and pays attention to small and small combinations.

Fourth, Huang Huanfu 3D 3D No. 2022315 Comprehensive Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 3, 4

Direct selection 5*5*5 reference: (01245) (13589) (23469)

Group 6 6 yards reference: 123458

Single Number Reference: 004 034 038 123 133 133 239 245 246 348 366 449 459

Selected one bet number: 483

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