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Issue 314 Old Knife Arrangement Three Forecast: Direct Selection Group Six Reference

Lottery retrospective: Arranged 322313 Phase: 169, Type: Group 6, Summary ratio 2: 1, size ratio 2: 1, sum of 16, span 8.

Person: The proportion of the recent quality co -number is basically the same. After the number of the previous period, the number of optimism in this issue is repeatedly opened; in addition, in the recent 12 -phase award number, the number 0 and 2 number 2 number performed very active, accounting for accounting 75.0%of the total lottery, this issue continues to pay attention to the opening of the 0 or 2 number, the number 9.

Ten digits: Recently, the proportion of strange coupling numbers has basically been flat. After the occasional number of the previous period, this issue is optimistic that the even number is repeated; Cold, this bit gives up the number 2 number, reference number 4.

Hundreds: Large number has recently appeared, and currently has been missed for 2 consecutive periods. In this issue, it is appropriately paying attention to the large replenishment. In addition, in the recent 20 -phase award number, the number 0 and 2 numbers in this bit is very active. It accounts for 75.0%of the total number of lottery. In this issue, it continues to pay attention to the opening of the 0 or 2 number, and the number 6.

Reference of the old knife arranged 322314:

Bald code: 69

Kill number: 1

Direct reference: 23568-04679-35689

Group 6 Reference: 234689

Selected note: 649

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