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Issue 314 Four Uncle 3D Prediction Awards: Positioning 5 yards direct selection reference

Welfare Lottery 3D No. 2022313 is 942.

Welfare Lottery 3D last Thursday: The 2022307th Award number was 762.

Analysis of the prize number type: From the recent Thursday’s lottery data analysis, the group 6 has recently been hot, 7 times in ten weeks, the group six numbers last Thursday, 3 times in the group, the performance is relatively cold. It is expected to continue this Thursday. Open a group six number.

Analysis of Qi and Size: In the past 5 weeks and Thursday, the number ratio ratio is 6: 9, and the number of even numbers is active. The trend is relatively cold, and this issue is optimistic about large heating.

Analysis of Tail: In the past 10 weeks and Thursday, the last 10 weeks are: 7, 8, 7, 8, 9, 0, 1, 9, 3, 5, fluctuated 9 points, and the comparison of the tail is 7: 3, odd numbers The tail performance is active, the tail size is 7: 3, large and tail heat, this reference and tail 5.

Spoof analysis: In the last Thursday, the span ranged from 3-9, and the span was concentrated. Last Thursday, the span was 5, and the span dropped 2 points. This issue is optimistic about the span increase, and the reference span 9.

Fucai 3D No. 2022314 Four Uncle Recommended:

Double bold reference: 0, 6

Slip reference: 9

Group Six Reference: 023679

Positioning 5 yards direct selection reference: (25679) (01346) (01456)

Single -up 15 bet group Reference: 023 025 027 027 037 056 069 126 169 368 467 468 567

Single -up one bet direct: 906

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