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Issue 314 Fortune Arrangement three forecasts: direct selection 5*5*5 reference

Lottery retrospective: Sports Color Arrangement 3rd No. 2022313 is: 169. The harmony is: 16, the span is: 8.

Sports color arrangement three times the last eight appeared at the same time: 16 and span: 8 of the prize number: 880, 691, 880, 961, 196, 916, 196, 196, 169, the prize number in the next seven times is: 501: 501 , 375, 046, 134, 408, 735, 448, see the table below for details:

In the above statistical form, the next period of the large value has appeared for three periods, and the proportion of the proportion is low. In this issue, the proper attention to the value of the value starts to replenish.

From the statistical table, it can be found that after the sum of value 16 and span: 8 appears at the same time, the next bidding ratio is 2: 5, and the number of odd spans in the next period is relatively small. Pay attention to the odd number span in this period. Appear;

Hundreds: Hundreds of draws in the next period are mainly 1 and 2 numbers. The 0 number 0 number does not appear, and the performance is very cold. Pay attention to the reference number 6 in this period. Reference number 6.    

Ten digits: In the next draw, all of them are 0 and 1 number. The number 2 number has not appeared so far. Pay attention to the 2nd way to make up for this period, follow 2.

Person: The next prize number is very low, only 2 times. Pay attention to the number 1 number in this issue, and reference number 7.

Recommended by Fortune Sports Lottery 322314 Issue Number:

One code for killing: 8

Two yards reference: 2 6

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 04567*02359*12357

Duplex group 6 Reference: 023567

Arrange three single prizes: 627

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