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Issue 312 Shi Feifu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Single Selection Number Reference

The last prize number: Welfare Lottery 3D 222311 issued a prize number 923.

The last prize number of Fucai 3D was 923, and the heavy number 9 was issued in the previous issue. In the last 100 period, the weight number issued 52 periods, the proportion of 52%, the last 50 periods opened 26 periods, and the proportion was 52%. Pay attention to the number of heavy numbers.

Fucai 3D 2022309 prize number is 220, the 2022311 phase is 923, and the award number is 2. According to the analysis of the statistical table, the last 100 phase of the prize number appeared 49 periods, the proportion of the occurrence was 49%, the last 50 periods of the prize number appeared 24 periods, the proportion was 48%. The proportion is 60%, and the number of numbers in the test machine number is prevented from rotation.

The last prize number was the group selection type: group six. In the last 100 period, 37 (including leopard) 37 times, 37%of the probability of opening, 31 times in the combination of Shunzi and Banshun, 31%of the probability of opening, 32 mixed six combinations, 32 -out probability of 32 to 32 %. In the last 50 groups (including leopard), 17 times appeared, and the probability of opening was 34%. The semi -Shun and Shunzi numbers opened 18 times. The probability of opening was 36%. 30%. According to the analysis of the statistical table, the selection type of the prize number group focuses on: group six.

Shi Fei Fucai 3D No. 2022312 Prize number Recommended:

Double bold reference: 26, unique reference: 6

One yard of lore: 7

5 code positioning direct reference: 12349*01568*01368

Six -yard group selection duplex reference: 012689

Single -selected number Reference: 016 028 068 124 126 238 239 248 259 368 369 456 469

Pick a bet: 216

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