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Issue 309 Yang Guang arrangement three predictions: direct selection 5 yards duplex reference

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2022308 Award number of the 2022308 is released 216, the prize number is 2: 1, the size ratio is 1: 2, the span is 5, and the type is group six.

Hundreds of analysis: The number 2 appeared in the previous period: Quality numbers and trumpets. In the 9 consecutive periods of prizes, the hundreds are: the number, the trumpet: 0; the quality number, the trumpet: 1; the number of the number, the large number: 8; Quality numbers, large: 5; quality numbers, trumpets: 1; total number, trumpet: 0; quality number, large number: 5; quality number, trumpet: 3; quality number, trumpet: 2, of which small frequency frequency is small, there are fewer frequency, the frequency of small numbers is less, and the frequency of small numbers is less. Quality numbers are frequently opened, and hundreds of attention and trumpets are paid attention to.

Ten -digit analysis: Award number appeared in the previous issue: Quality Number, Tips: 1, the last 9th issue of the prize number: the number, the large number: 9; the number, the large number: 8; the quality number, the large number: 7; the quality number; , Tips: 3; Quality Number, Large: 7; Subsidies, Small Numbers: 4; Quality Number, Large: 5; Quality Number: 7; Quality Number, Small Number: 1, of which the large number is frequent, quality numbers, quality numbers, quality numbers, quality numbers Frequent occurrences, ten are expected to open quality and large numbers in this issue.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 6 appeared in the previous issue: large, the number of joints, and the last nine issues appeared separately: 4: trumpet, the sum of the number; 1: trumpet, quality number; 5: large, quality number; 3: trumpet number , Quality numbers; 4: trumpet, significant number; 8: large, significant number; 9: large, significant number; 2: trumpet, quality number; 6: large, the number The number of numbers appears relatively strong. Pay attention to the small number and the number of numbers in this period.

No. 2022309 Over 3 direct selection types: small size and quality.

Spoof analysis: The first prize number span was 5, repeatedly opened, this period is optimistic about the span, and it is expected to appear around 2.

Yang Guang arrangement 3rd No. 2022309 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 3, 5, unique reference: 5

Kill a code recommendation: 8

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 03479-02459-14567

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 345679

Group selection single reference: 015 045 055 155 156 159 225 257 345 355 566 577

Single Number Reference: 354

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