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Issue 309 Chen Qingfeng Fucai 3D Forecast Number: 5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2022308 Phase: 087, 100 -digit number missing 14 periods, ten numbers of 10 numbers, 1 bit number missed 3 periods, the total omissions are 18 periods.

First place: The last time the prize number was issued: 0, the omissions were 14, the trend was warmer, and the cold code appeared less. Pay attention to the cold code rebound in this period.

Second place: The last prize number was issued: 8, the omissions value was 1 period, which was obviously more active. The second place in the first 10th issue was less. In this issue, it was appropriately thawed by the cold code, and the reference number 4 was 4.

Third place: The last prize number was opened: 7, the omissions were 3 periods, which was significantly hot, and the hot code was less. This period is expected to replenish the hot code, follow the number 9.

Chen Qingfeng Fucai 3D No. 2022309 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 4 9

One code for killing: 5

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 01268*12469*23689

Group Six Reference: 046789

15 betting single: 009 024 039 049 079 099 114 179 229 249 347 489 689 779

Reference: 849

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