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Issue 150 Zhongtian Da Lotto Forecast Award: Analysis of the Cold Number in the front area

Lottery Review: Sports Lottery 22149th Prize number: 15 19 22 26 28+02 07.

Analysis of the heat number: In the past ten weeks Saturday, the hot number appeared in the first zone, and the average of 1.6 per period was opened. The hot number performance was relatively cold.There are 18 hot codes on Saturday. It is expected to continue to be low on Saturday this week. It is expected to appear 1-2.

Analysis of Wen Number: In the last ten weeks, there have been 23 temperatures on Saturday, with an average of 2.3 each period. The temperature number trend is very active. Last Saturday, the Wen number appeared 4., Saturday this week is expected to continue to open, 3 appears, and the temperature number 09 29 34 appears.

Cold number analysis: The cold number in the front area opened 11 on Saturday in the last ten weeks, with an average of 1.1 per period.Number, the cold number anti -cold number this week, 1 cold number appears, reference number 01.

Zhong Tian Da Lotto No. 22150 Award Number Reference:

Dale transparent reference: 01 04 08 09 10 14 18 22 27 27 29 30 35+05 06 07 08 10 10

Da Leyou Single Note Reference: 01 04 09 29 34+05 06

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