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Issue 141 Leopard head Lotto Forecast Award: Recommended by Double Dold

Review of the last issue: Sports Lottery Lotto No. 2022140 Award number: 05 15 25 26 29+04 12.Among them, the award number ratio of the front area is 4: 1, the size ratio is 3: 2, the five district ratio is 1: 1: 1: 2: 1, and the span is 24.The size ratio ratio of the rear area is 1: 1, and the strange ratio is 0: 2.

The leader of the front area judges: The leading head is small recently. Generally, it is opened at the front end of the district. The leader in the last issue has 4 points higher. In this issue, the faucet turns down.

The Qi District Qi Qi Ji judgment: In the past 10 periods, the number of awards in the past 10 issues are 29:21. In this issue, it is appropriate to pay attention to the heating numbers.

Judgment of the five districts in the front district: The first zone of the first zone of the previous period was relatively active, and the number in the second district took cold wheels. Pay attention to the fifth district number to take the cold wheel air.: 1: 2: 1: 0.

Judgment of the front area: In the first ten issues, the total number ratio of the award number in the front area is 21:29. Pay attention to the small number hot in this issue, and the attention ratio is 1: 4.

Fengwei Judgment in the front area: Fengwei in the front area is mainly over 30 in the near future. In the previous period, Fengwei numbers in the previous period fell 6 points. This issue is optimistic about the Fengwei number to continue to fall, focus on preventing Xiaofengwei, and pay attention to the Fengwei number 27 27.Essence

Analysis of the post -zone: The prize number 04 and 12 in the rear area were opened in the previous period.

Comprehensive recommendation of Leopard Head Lotto No. 2022141:

Recommended double bile in the front area: 01 16

Big Lotto 15+5 Democratic Recommendations: 01 04 07 08 11 13 15 16 18 20 24 27 33 35+02 04 07 08 10

Big Lotto 7+3 Small Small Recommendation: 01 07 08 15 16 18 27+02 08 10

Big Lotto 5+2 Single Note Recommendation: 01 08 15 16 27+02 10

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