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Issue 138 Sun Shanwang Da Lotto Forecast Number: Double Bald Murder in the front area

Review of the last issue: Sports Lottery Lotto No. 2022137 is: 05 06 08 15 20+07 08, of which the number 012 in the front area is 2: 0: 3, the strange coupling ratio is 2: 3, including 1 duplicate number:15.The rear area number and value are 15 and the span is 1.

Analysis of the 012 Road ratio of the front area: The previous 10th Earlier Award No. 012 Route ratio is 15:13:22, of which the number 2 is obviously active.The road ratio is 2: 0: 3, of which the number 1 number is air,

Analysis of the Heavy Number in the front area: There are 6 issues in the last 10 periods that include heavy numbers.All rounds.

Analysis of Lianzhang Code in the front area: The combination of continuous code before the previous period: 05 06, the last 10 periods have the 5th prize number containing the combination of the code, the last 30 consecutive code combinations have 11 periods, the proportion is 37%, The trend of the joint code combination is relatively cold. At present, the consecutive code is issued. Pay attention to the continuous code to make up for it.

Analysis of Qiqi Puppet ratio in the front area: In the last 10 period, the total proportion of numbers in the past 10 periods is 29:21, and the number of even numbers is relatively cold. The previous prize number is 2: 3.3: 2.

The first place in the front area: The number was opened in the previous issue: 05, and the number of the last number in the last 10 issues is: 0-0-5-2-2-1-3-9-1-5, of which 012 is 0124: 2: 4, the tail number is 6: 4, and the tail number ratio is 3: 7. The first number of this period is optimistic about opening 0 roads, follow the tail number 0, and reference number: 10.

The second place in the front area: The prize number 06 was opened in the previous issue, which was the even number. In the last 10 issues, the strange puppet ratio was 5: 5, and the strange number was basically the same.Time number 26.

The third place in the front area: The prize number was 08 in the previous period, a decrease of 7 o’clock, and the proportion of the lifting level in the last 10 issues was 5: 0: 5. This issue is optimistic about the rise of this bit, followed the number 27.

The fourth place in the front area: The number of missed periods in the last 5 periods is: 0, Phase 1, Phase 1, 4, and Issue 0.Code, reference number: 31.

Fifth place in the front area: The number of 2 routes was issued in the previous issue: 20, the proportion of the number 012 in the last 10 period is 1: 1: 7. This issue is expected to continue to open the 2 -way number, the reference number: 35Essence

Analysis of the back zone and value: The rear area and value of the previous period were 15, and the value rose 1 point. The latest 10 periods and values were opened respectively: 14-5-15-11-21-15-9-4-15, andThis issue is optimistic about the decline in value, attention and value 9.

Back zone span analysis: 6-3-5-1-3-3-3-2-8-1 in the last 10 spans in the rear area, the span ratio is 7: 3, the previous span decreased by 7 points.Repeat the anti -span 1.

Recommended Issue 2022138 Recommended: Sun Shanwang

8 yards in the front area: 01 04 08 12 14 20 24 28

Double bile in the front area: 10 31

Kill 5 yards in the back zone: 02 09 10 11 12

Five yards reference in the rear area: 03 04 05 06 07

Big Lotto 15+5 Duplex Recommendation: 02 03 06 07 09 10 13 21 26 29 31 32 35+03 05 06 07

Big Lotto 5+2 Single Note Reference: 10 26 27 31 35+04 05

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