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Issue 138 Pond Big Lotto Forecast Award: Select 9+3 small duplex recommendations

The 2022137th prize number is: 05, 06, 08, 15, 20+07, 08.Among them, the hot and cold ratio of the front zone is 2: 3, and 1 weight number is opened: 15, the three district ratio is 3: 2: 0, including the combination of continuous code, and the rear area is 1+2 award number.

Analysis of the 2022138 Big Lotto analysis:

Analysis of hot and cold in the front area: 2 cold code prizes were issued in the previous period: 05, 20, and the award number hot and cold ratio was 2: 3. This period is expected to be hot -coded red balls. Pay attention to the combination of full hot code.

Analysis of Heavy Number in the front area: 1 heavy number was issued in the previous period: 15, the heavy number appeared in the first 7th phase of the prize, the proportion of the issuance was 57%, and a total of 6 heavy numbers appeared. The expected number of the heavy number appeared again in this issue., Optimistic about 3, pay attention to the weight number 06, 08, 20.

The trend of the three districts in the front area:

Former first district (01-12): 3 prizes were issued in the previous period: 05, 06, 08. In the last 10 periods, the area did not disconnect. At present, the interruption phenomenon has missed 22 issues. A total of 19 awards appeared.It is expected that the first district will continue to be hot, and it is optimistic about 3.

The first second district (13-23): 2 prizes were issued in the previous issue: 15, 20, the last 10 sessions of the area were twice, and a total of 16 prizes appeared. This issue is expectedFollow 1 prize number.

The first third area (24-35): There was no number in the previous period, and the cold break zone was broken. The area in the last 10 sessions of the area was three times and a total of 15 awards appeared. This issue is expected to continue to warm up in the third zone.Award number.3: 1: 1 in the three districts of the pre -area prize number in this issue.

Analysis of the previous code of the zone: In the previous period, the zone included a combination of code. The continuous code appeared in the last 7 periods, and the proportion was 57%. This issue is expected to open a combination of code and pay attention to the continuous code 08 and 09.

Analysis of the post -zone: 1+2 award number 07+08 in the last period of the region, and the last 10th Rear District Awards 012 Road ratio is 9: 7: 4.Code 05, 11.

Ichi Da Lotto Issue 2022138 Recommendation:

Recommended in the front area (15 yards): 01, 01, 08, 09, 14, 18, 19, 20, 25, 27, 28, 31, 32, 34

Recommended in the rear area (5 yards): 02, 03, 05, 10, 11

Selected small duplex (9+3) Recommended: 01, 06, 08, 09, 19, 20, 25, 27, 32+02, 05, 11

Recommended by one note: 06, 08, 09, 20, 27+05, 11

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