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Issue 134 Yuan Qichen Double Color Ball Forecast Award: Red Ball range analysis

Lottery retrospective: The 2022133 double -color ball award number is 05, 08, 16, 17, 21, 25+12. Division ratio: 2: 3: 1, strange puppet ratio: 4: 2, first tail spacing: 20.

Red ball interval: The trend of the Red Second District in the previous period was relatively hot, with 3 yards, and the three districts performed colder. In this issue, it is optimistic about the popularity of Hongyi District to prevent the three districts of the Red District.

Opinion analysis: In the previous issue, the odd red ball performed active, with 4. Pay attention to the couple of red balls in this issue, and it is expected that the couple of red ball will be equal.

Last analysis: The leading number 05 was opened in the previous period, 4 points rose to prevent the faucet from falling, and the attention number 01.

Fengwei analysis: The previous issue of Fengwei number was 25, a decrease of 8 points. In this issue, Fengwei 25 appeared again.

The same tail number: The last 10 periods have the eight -phase prize number include the same tail red ball. This issue is not optimistic about the appearance of the same tail.

Blue ball analysis: Recently, the odd blue balls have relatively few. In this issue, it pays attention to the heating of Blue Ball in this issue, and pay attention to 05, 07, 09, 13.

2022134 Double -color ball recommendation:

Red gallbladder reference: 09 10

15+5 bottom: 01 05 08 09 10 12 13 14 21 23 24 27 32 33+07 08 09 09 13

Single note 6+1: 01 09 10 12 14 25+13

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