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Issue 134 Sun Xiaogou Lotto Forecast Number: Big Patron 15+5 Recommendation

Review of the last issue: Da Lotto No. 2022133 Award number: 01, 02, 14, 30, 31 in the front area, 06, 09 in the rear area. The award number of the front area is 78, and the third district ratio is 2: 1: 2.

Comprehensive analysis of Daluyouqian District:

Route 012 analysis: The previous period 012 was 1: 2: 2, and the ratio of the last ten periods was 11:16:23.

There are two stages of the second phase of the 0th road number in the front area. There are 4 issues in the last three periods, and the number of awards is 30 in the last period of 0. The trend is relatively cold. Select 2 0 route numbers: 18, 30

There is a period of the first phase of the 1st phase of the first zone in the front area, 4 issues in the last three periods, and the number of 2 prizes in the last period of the 1st road 01 and 31. The trend is relatively hot. Select 2 1 number of 1 number: 04, 10

There are 0 stages of the second phase of the second phase number of the two prizes in the front area. There are 7 issues in the last three periods. The 2nd roads of the previous period 2 are 02 and 14. The trend is hot. Select 1 2 -way number: 26

Harmony trend: The previous prize number and value were 78, the last 10 periods and the value average 79.1, the previous period and the value of the value were less than the average and value. In the last ten periods, the 7th and values ​​were within 100, and the 3 and values ​​greater than 100. The value of this period is heating up compared with the previous period.

Comprehensive analysis

Harmony analysis: The area and value of the previous period were 15, a decrease of 6 points from the previous period.

Spoof analysis: The span of the zone in the back of the previous period was 3, an increase of 0 points from the early stage. It is predicted that the span changes in the current period are not much.

Recommended two yards in the back zone: 02, 07

Sun Xiaoda Lotto Recommended this issue number:

Great Patron 15+5 Recommendation: 03 04 05 08 10 11 15 17 18 26 28 30 34+02 03 07 08 12

Single note 5+2 Reference: 04 10 18 26 30+02 07

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