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Issue 010 Yang Guang Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Direct Selection Type Reference

Review of the previous issue: 221 were arranged at the 2023009 prize number, the prize number was 3: 0, the size ratio was 0: 3, the span was 1, and the type was a group three.

Hundreds of analysis: The number 2 appeared in the previous period: the trumpet, the quality number, in the 9 consecutive periods, the hundreds are: trumpet, the number of the number: 4; the trumpet, the number of the number: 0; the large number, the number of the number: 9; Tips, Quality Numbers: 1; Small, Symbols: 4; Large, Quality Number: 7; Small, Quality Number: 3; Large, Symbols: Small, Quality Number: 2, of which the large frequency is compared withLow, the number of joints is frequent, and a large number of large and significant numbers are expected to be issued in this issue.

Tips: 3; Quality numbers, trumpets: 2; Quality numbers, large numbers: 5; Quality numbers, trumpets: 1; Quality number, large number: 7; quality number, trumpet: 2, of which large number is less, the numberFrequent opening, ten are expected to open the number and large number in this issue.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 1 appears in the previous period: Quality numbers, trumpets, and ten digits in the last nine issues: 8:00, large numbers; 0: significant, trumpet; total number, small number; 6: combinedNumber, large; 0: sympathy, trumpet; 6: significant, large number; 5: quality, large number; 2: quality, small number; 1: quality number, trumpet, of which the trumpet is in a weak position, the combinationThe number appeared relatively strong, and the number of attention in this period and the trumpet.

The 2023010 is arranged three direct selection type Reference: combination, large size.

Spoof analysis: The first prize number span was 1, a decrease of 6 points. At this issue, the span steering rose and followed the span 4.

Yang Guang arrangement 3rd No. 2023010 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 6, 8, unique reference: 8

Kill a code recommendation: 1

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 02678-02489-03468

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 345678

Group selection single reference: 008 028 088 089 248 268 368 468 578 678 788 889 899

Single Number Reference: 684

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