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Issue 010 Li Xiaolan Arranged Three Prediction Awards: 5 Direct Selection Reference

Review of the previous period: The three 2023009 prize number is 221, the strange ratio is 1: 2, the size ratio is 0: 3, and the span is 5.

Analysis of Qi Tong: Arrange three periods for the last 3 period of the strange ratio of 3: 0, 2: 1, 1: 2, the type of Qiqi: Qiqi, Qiqi, and Puppets.: 1. Follow the Qi Type: Qiqi puppet combination.

Spoof analysis: The last 3 phase of the span is 4-7-1, and the recent 10-phase span 012 route ratio is 2: 6: 2. Pay attention to the 1-way span in this period and pay attention to the span 7.

Top 100 differences: In the first three issues, the hundreds of the hundreds of the differences were 2-2-0 respectively. This issue is expected to go to the hundreds of differences. Note 2 appears.

Ten positions recommendation: 6-9-3 in the last three issues and ten bits, respectively, are optimistic about ten positions and another one. Refer to two yards 07.

Li Xiaolan arranged 3rd No. 2023010 prize number recommendation:

Two yards follow: 5, 7, unique attention: 5

Six duplex: 014578

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 34578*12367*01678

Single Number Reference: 035 045 055 057 125 355 353 357 358 457 558 567 578

Follow a direct selection: 570

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