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Issue 010 Li Baishi Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Selected Direct Selection Reference

1. Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 2023009th prize number is 221, the strange coupling ratio is 1: 2, the size ratio is 0: 3, the value is 5, and the span is 1.

2. Arranged 35 -yard group 6 statistics: As of the 2023009 period, the arrangement three has been issued 6430 prize numbers. Among them, the six number of groups appeared 4588 times, the group three appeared 1772 times, and the leopard appeared 70 times.

(1) At present, the largest combination of the three 5 yards and six omissions periods is: 03457, and currently the 90th phase of the round;

(2) Arranged three years (from 2022010 period-20123009 period) to open the 251 group 6 numbers, accounting for 72%of the awards, 95-stage groups in the group, 27%, and leopard numbers opened 5 issues 5 issues.It

(3) Among the six numbers of the last 251 group group in the last year, the Quanshun combined combined 23 periods, the semi -Shun combination opened 97 periods, accounting for 39%of the six -proportion of the group, and the six -combination of the mixed six group occupied the sixth prize number of the group.52%;

(4) Arranged the ten 5 -yard and six combinations of the 10th leakage value of the 2023009 issue of 0 thawing 0;

(5) The 5-yard and six groups with the largest omissions at the current three omissions are: 03457, 90 issues in this period, and the possibility of short-term thawing is less likely.

3. Arrange three 7 yards group 6 statistics:

(1) Among the 6430 prizes that have been arranged three (statistics as of the 2023009 period), the combination of the current 7 -yard group and six leaks is: 0346789, 12 issues in this issue;

(2) In the 3rd 2023009th prize number, the coldest 7 -yard group and six omissions are missing. In these 12 -phase prizes, the group six numbers are opened for 9 periods, the probability of 75%, and the semi -smooth combination is opened.In the second phase, the comprehensive combination of the 1st phase, the probability of 17%; the six -combination of the mixed six combination was opened for 7 periods, and the probability was 58%.

(3) In the 3rd No. 2023010 Lottery, it is expected that the possibility of the 0346789 combination is less likely. Pay attention to the prize number of the other three numbers, otherwise it should pay attention to the group three or leopard combinations.

Li Baishi arranged 3rd No. 2023010 prize number recommendation:

Double bold reference 23, unique reference 3

Direct attention: 01256*01258*12356

Group 6 6 yards Reference: 234689

15 Note single reference: 023, 036, 123, 136, 234, 236, 237, 239, 346, 356, 367, 368, 369

Selected direct reference: 623

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