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Issue 010 Cheng Yifu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Selected Dive 6 Number of Reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2023009 Phase: 783.

In the past 010 issue of Fucai 3D, the same period of the same period is: 795-171-776-658-624-735-765-397-875-573-594-645-599-802-858-538-389-233-982.

In the historical selection number in the same period, numbers: 0, 1, 4, the coldest trend, generally not the same, kill one yard 0; number: 5, 7, 9, the most active performance, this issue of the prevention number, the number of defense, the number of times, and the number of times.Reference number 9.

In the same period of the same period, the odd ratio is 39:24.The size ratio of the number is: 44: 19, the large size is relatively hot, the large number continues to be hot in this issue, the reference size ratio is 2: 1.

In the above prize number, the 3D group of Fucai 3D in the 010s of the past year, six groups, 16 groups, six.The proportion of group six is high, and the group six will continue to follow the group six.

Recommendation of Chengyi Fucai 3D 2023010:

Direct selection 5 yards duplex: 23569-26789-23459

Driven: 9

Kill a code: 0

Group Six Reference: 123679

Single note number refer to: 129 139 169 189 269 279 379 479 489 679 689 789

Selected note: 279

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