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Issue 010 Awangfu 3D Forecast Award: 6 -yard group selection reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2023009 issued award number: 783.

In the last 100 drawings, the prize number containing the heavy number is 65, the last 20 issues containing the award number of the heavy number 16, and the prize number with heavy numbers in the last 10 periods.Pay attention to the heavy number.

Spoof analysis: 3D’s previous span is 5, span recent fluctuations are small, and generally appear between 5-9. In this period, it is optimistic that the span appears between 5-9.

Bald code recommendation: In the 3D lottery lottery, the group three and leopard appeared in a total of 28 periods. Ban Shun and Shunzi number opened 30 issues, and the six -number number was 42 issues.Among the last 50 prizes, the group three and leopard appeared in 10 periods. Ban Shun and Shunzi opened a total of 13 times, and the Six Six groups opened 27 times.This issue of the sixth number of the group is optimistic about 1, two yards for reference 15, 18.

Awang No. 2023010 Issue Fucai 3D Recommendation

5*5*5 Positioning Reference: 13569*01259*45678

Six -yard group Six reference: 013578

Selected 15 bets: 112 117 125 138 145 148 158 258 355 358 455 488 556 889

Direct selection single -out: 518

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