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Issue 009 Uncle Fortune Arranges Three Prediction Awards: Two Code References

Lottery retrospective: Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2023008 Phase: 972.The harmony is: 18, the span is: 7.

Sports color arrangement three times the last eight appeared at the same time: 18 and span: 7 of the prize number: 972, 972, 279, 792, 729, 279, 792, 972., 636, 068, 110, 855, 935, 196, see the table below for details:

In the above statistical form, the next period of small and value is relatively cold, and only once appeared. Recently, appropriate attention has appeared.

From the statistical table, it can be found that after the sum of the value 18 and the span: 7 appears at the same time, the next time the span ratio is 3: 4, and the proportion of the occasional span in the next period is higher.

Hundreds: The number 0 number 0 in the next prize number is 4 times, and the performance is relatively hot. This issue is optimistic about the 0 -route number continues to be hot. Follow the number 3.

Ten digits: In the next time, the ten number 2 number of the awards was only once, and the proportion was very low. In this issue, pay attention to the two -way return, refer to 5.

Person: The next prize number 1 is in all the rounds of this digit, mainly 0 and 2 numbers. In this issue, it is appropriate to pay attention to the one -way number replenishment, refer to 1.

Recommended by the Uncle Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2023009:

One code for killing: 9

Two yards reference: 1 5

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 01348*12345*13567

Duplex group 6 Reference: 012357

Arrange three single prizes: 351

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