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Issue 009 The Ming Emperor Arranges Three Forecast Numbers: Size Compare

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2023008 Phase: 972.Type: group six, Qi Qi form: Qiqi, size form: large size, value: 18, span: 7.

Judging formal judgment: In the first 10th prize number, it contains the full strange form 1 period, the full puppet form 2 period, the two puppets and one strange form 4, the two strange and one puppet form 3.

In the previous 5th prize number, the number of occasional numbers is: 1-3-1-0-1, and the number of strange numbers is: 2-0-2-3-2, respectively.Form: Two even a prize numbers.

Determination of size form: The number of small trumpets in the last 5 periods is: 2-3-0-2-1, the number of large numbers is: 1-0-3-1-2, the total size ratio is 7:8. The trend of the size is flat;

Among the 10 consecutive periods of consecutive periods, all small forms are opened for 1 period, two small and one large forms are opened for 5 periods, two major and one small forms are opened for 3 periods.One small prize number.

Spoof judgment: 10 consecutive periods of span 012 road ratio is 3: 5: 2, 012 road span is basically flat, and the leaps have the recent 3 -stage omissions of 24, phase 1 and 5, respectively., Temperature -proof cold span, reference span 9.

Judgment of harmony: In the 20 consecutive periods, the sum of the value of the value of the value of 10: 10,012 is 6: 8: 6, and the strange coupling ratio is 9:11.Harmony, reference and value 15.

Ming Emperor arrangement of the 2023009 issue number recommendation:

Three gall recommendations: 0, 6, 9, unique attention: 9

Duplex group 6 recommendation: 036789

Direct selection 5 yard recommendation: 04569*01356*13469

Recommended by single bet group: 059 069 069 119 159 169 399 449 499 679 699 779 889

Direct selection single reference: 069

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