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Issue 009 Old Dao Fucai 3D Forecast Award: Selection 15 Reference

Review of the last issue: Welfare Lottery 3D No. 2023008 issued a prize number 708.Type of prize number: group six, size form: size large, strange form: strange puppet.

Head value analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number and value are distributed between 13-20, 8 points fluctuated, the range of fluctuations is small, the last period is opened and the value is 15, which has dropped 1 point.Rising, attention and value 16.

Spoof analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number span appeared in sections 6-9, fluctuating 4 points, which is more concentrated. The previous period of span was 8, an increase of 1 point. The expected span in this period is expected to decrease, and the attention span 3.

Hundreds of analysis: No. 2023004-No. 2023008 issued numbers: 36787, fluctuated 5 points, which are relatively loose respectively. In this issue, the 100-digit number 7 is repeatedly issued.

Ten -digit analysis: In the last five issues, the number continuously issued the number: 90110, the number ratio of the number is 1: 4, the trumpet trend is active, this time to prevent again, follow 4.

Individual analysis: The first five issues are issued by the number: 89578, the number of the number is 3: 2, the strange number number is relatively hot. The expected number of the odd numbers in this issue will continue to appear, and the attention number 5.

Fucai 3D No. 2023009 Old Knife Number Recommended:

Double bold reference: 4, 7, unique reference: 7

One yard of lore: 2

Duplex group 6 follow: 014578

Direct positioning 5 yards reference: (34678) (03457) (01456)

Selected 15 bets Reference: 037 047 057 078 079 147 347 478 479 567 578 579 678

Selected one bet number: 745

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