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Issue 009 Liu Yidao Arranges Three Predictive Awards: Single Straight Election Number

Arrangement of No. 2023006-Phase 2023008 Award number: 756, 315, 972.

Definition: Hot code: omit 0-4 periods; warm code: omissions 5-12 periods; cold code omissions 12 or more.

Recently, a hundred people are dominated by trumpets. After the trumpet of the trumpet in the previous period, the trumpet is expected to be reappeared in this issue; the puppet number has recently been cold and currently missed 3 consecutive periods. This issue of the anti -noodle number was thawed.Hundreds of this period of killing number: 1368, gallbladder attention: 247.

Recently, ten odd numbers have performed active, and currently missed 3 periods. In this issue, it pays attention to the odd number replenishment. The recent hot code has relatively fewer hot codes. At present, the second phase is 2. In this issue, the hot code is focused on the hot code.Ten kill number: 4568, gallbladder attention: 239.

Recently, individual quality numbers have been cold, and the last two phases have been replaced. The quality of the quality of this period has continued to make up. Recently, the small number has been relatively small. After the last issue, this issue continues to pay attention to the trumpet.Special kill number: 1389, gallbladder attention: 027.

Arrange 32023009 issue Liu Yidao Positioning Number:

Arrange 300 points No. 2023009 Number: 1, 3, 6, 8

Arrange 30 points 2023009 Number: 4, 5, 6, 8

Arrange three digits 2023009 issues: 1, 3, 8, 9

Arrange 3rd 2023009 issues: 8

Arrange 3rd 2023009 Golden Gall: 2

Six -yard group Six reference: 023467

Arrange 3 Phase 2023009 Single Straight Election Number: 232

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