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Issue 009 Following Banfu Lottery 3D Forecast Award: One code and value recommendation

Fucai 3D 2023008 Review: The award number is 708, the award number is 1: 2, the size ratio is 2: 1, and the value is 15, and the type is group six.

Hundred positions: The last issue of the prize number is the odd number large number: 7, the analysis of the recent 7th issue, the position is separately: 8, the odd number large: 5, the odd number of the number: 3, the even large number: 6, Qi Digital Large: 7, Big Number: 8, Wonderful Number: 7. Among them, the even number appears cold, and the trumpet performance is cold. In this issue, the hundreds of attention to the even small trumpet.

Ten digits: In the previous issue, the trumpet number was issued: 0, the statistics of the 7th consecutiveth consecutive, the number appeared separately: 5, the large number of odds: 9, the large number of the number: 9, the trumpet even number: 0, the small number: 0.Small odds: 1. Small odds: 1. Small number even: 0, the trumpet trend is active, the even number is relatively cold, and the top ten in this issue is optimistic about opening the trumpet even.

5: Large odds, 7: large quota, 8: large number, of which large is obvious, the strange trend is relatively cold. In this issue, it is optimistic about opening a large number of strange numbers.

In this issue, it is not surprising.

Harmony: The previous period and the value opened 15, showing a downward trend. In this issue, the optimistic and value decline again. It is expected to open 13.

Follower Banfu Lottery 3D No. 2023009 Recommendation:

Double gall: 4, 7, unique: 4

One code and value: 13

Positioning direct selection: 23457-12348-24567

6 code group 6: 023479

Single selection number: 014 034 044 047 049 247 249 347 448 457 458 467 488

Selected note: 427

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