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Issue 006 Four Uncle Arranges Three Prediction Awards: Positioning 5 yards reference

I. Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2023005 Award number is 420. The number of direct selection in this number has appeared 7 times in history, and the election has appeared 42 times.

Second, direct selection 420 analysis

The Sports Lottery Arrangement Three Selection Numbers 420 have appeared 7 times in history.

From the statistics above, it can be seen that after the direct selection number 420 is opened, the next prize number:

The hundred numbers are 0: 6, and the number of numbers is hot. It is expected that the even numbers are expected in this issue; the size ratio is 1: 5, the trumpet performance is active, and the trumpet is expected to be issued in this issue.

The ten -digit number is 2: 4, and the number of numbers is hot. The expected number of even numbers in this period is 3: 3, which is basically the same.

The single -digit number is 3: 3, and the proportion of the odd number number is equivalent to prevent the number of strange numbers in this period.

3. Group selection 024 analysis

The three -set number of Sports Lottery has appeared 42 times in history. The next prize number is: 435, 196, 119, 469, 846, 203, 219, 798, 142, 743, 944, 306, 894, 548, 548, 695, 059, 961, 360, 500, 795, 982, 447, 054, 313, 744, 239, 566, 875, 804, 604, 844, 728, 488, 949, 087, 087, 044, see the table below in detail:

It can be seen from the above table that after the selection number 024 is opened, the three numbers with the most number of times are: 490, the three -coding number of these three yards in this period;It is expected that these three numbers will not appear at the same time, one yard in this period: 2.

Four Uncle Sports Lottery Arrangement 323006 Recommended:

Bald code reference: 049, unique reference: 0

One code for killing: 2

Positioning 5 yards reference: 04569*13789*14579

Group 6 6 yards reference: 014589

Selected number: 081

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