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Issue 005 Lu Dongyang Da Lotto Forecast Number: Double Double Recommendation in the front area

Lottery retrospective: Sports Lottery Lotto No. 23004 Award number: 04 13 15 20 22+04 08, the previous region prize number 012 road ratio is 1: 3: 1, the size ratio is 2: 3, the strange coupling ratio is 2: 3There is no same prize number.

Analysis of attributes in the 2023005 period of Dali Lotto:

Analysis of the award number ratio: The previous prize number ratio ratio of the previous area is 2: 3, and the trumpet performance is active; the number ratio ratio ratio in the last 10 period is 32:18, and the trumpet trend is relatively cold. Pay attention to the rebound in this issue.Turn to heat, follow the size ratio 2: 3.

Analysis of the number of tail numbers: 1: 4 before the number of tails before the previous period, the small tail award number is relatively active; the number ratio ratio ratio of the last 10 periods is 25:25, and the proportion of the award number is basically the same.The number is heated, and the number of prize numbers is compared to 2: 3.

Analysis of the award number 012: The ratio of the last prize number 012 was 1: 3: 1, of which the 1 prize number was relatively active; in the last 10 issues, the prize number 012 was 17:17:16, of which 1 was 1The numbers and the number 2 number are disconnected once and twice, respectively.This issue is expected to be hot in this issue, and it is optimistic about the 012 Low 3: 1: 1.

Analysis of the tail number 012: The last prize number 012 is 2: 1: 2, and the proportion of the tail number of the various roads is basically the same; in the last 10 periods, the prize number 012 is opened 19:16:15. Among them, the number of prizes in the first road and the second prize number of the 2nd roads are disconnected twice and 2 times, respectively. There is no disconnection of the number of prize numbers in the tail of the 0 road.

Analysis of the rear region prize number: The rear region opened the prize number 04 and 08, and the 0 road number was broken. In the last 10 periods, the number 012 in the post -zone number 012 was 9: 5: 6, of which the number of Routes 012 was: 3 times, 3 times, respectively, 3 times, and 3 times, respectively: 3 times, respectively.5 times, 4 times, this period of defense 0 road number is broken, refer to the four -yard award number 02, 07, 08, 10.

Lu Dongyang Da Lotto No. 2023005 Prize number Recommended:

Recommended double bile in the front area: 18 24

Recommended in the front area: 04 06 07 10 11 13 15 18 21 24 27 29 30 31

Five code recommendations in the back zone: 02 07 08 10 12

Selected 5+2 Recommendation: 06 11 13 18 24+02 10

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