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Issue 003 Yang Guang arrangement three prediction awards: direct selection type reference

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2023002 prize number is 070, the prize number is 1: 2, the size ratio is 1: 2, the span is 7, and the type is a group three.

Hundreds of analysis: The number 0 appeared in the previous period: the number and the trumpet. In the 9 consecutive periods, the hundreds are: the number of the number, the small: 4; the quality number, the large: 5; the number of the number, the large number: 9: 9; Quality numbers, large: 7; total number, trumpet: 4; quality number, trumpet: 2; total number, trumpet: 0; total number, trumpet, trumpet: 0, large of which large, of which large are largeThe frequency is low, the quality number is hot, and the hundreds of attention in this issue will pay attention to the quality and large number.

Ten -digit analysis: Award number appeared in the previous issue: large, quality number: 7, the last 9th issue of the prize number: large, significant number: 6; trumpet, quality: 3; small, quality: 2; trumpet; trumpet numberQuality number: 3; large, significant: 9; large, significant: 8; large, sign 9; large, quality number: 5; large, quality number: 7, of which small number is less openThe number of joints is frequent, and ten key reference trumpets and the number of components in this issue.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 0 appears in the previous period: the number of the number, the trumpet, and the last nine issues appeared separately: 0: the number, the trumpet; the number of the number, the large number;Numbers, large numbers; 1: Quality numbers, trumpets; 6: Xedu, large number; 2: Quality number, trumpet; total number, large number, large number, trumpet, small number, which is obviously hotThere are relatively strong numbers, and the number of attention in this period and the trumpet.

The 2023003 issue three direct selection type Reference: Quality combination, size.

Spoof analysis: The first prize number span was 7, rising by 3 points. The expected span will not vibrate significantly in this period. Continue to pay attention to the span near 7.

Yang Guang arranged 323003 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 0, 7, unique reference: 0

Kill a code recommendation: 9

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 01247-01345-01468

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 024567

Group selection single reference: 004 007 008 017 018 027 036 038 047 048 055 056 058 077

Single Number Reference: 704

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