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Issue 003 Uncle Fortune Arranges Three Prediction Awards: harmony+span recommendation

Lottery retrospective: Sports Color Arrangement 3rd No. 2023002 Award number is: 070.The harmony is: 7, the span is: 7.

Sports lottery arrangement three times last eight times, the same sum of sum of sum of sum: 7 and span: 7 of the prize number: 007, 070, 700, 070, 700, 070, 070, the first seven of the first seven issues are: 406 406, respectively., 120, 839, 520, 183, 157, 846, see the table below for details:

In the above statistical form, the next period of the large value has appeared for 2 periods, and the proportion of the proportion is low. In this issue, the proper attention to the value of the value starts to replenish.

From the statistical table, it can be found that after the sum of the value 7 and the span: 7 after the occurrence of the same time, the next span strange ratio is 2: 5, and the number of strange spans in the next period is small. Pay attention to the odd number span in this period.Appear;

Hundreds: In the next period, a hundred number 2 number appears only 3 times, and the proportion of the opening is quite low. In this issue, it should focus on the 2 -way number replenishment. Reference number 8.

Ten digits: In the next draw, the number of 1st road is low, and once, it appears. Pay attention to this bit 1, refer to 4.

Person: There are 6 issues in the next prize number 0, and the frequency of opening is very high. In this issue, this place is optimistic about the 0 road continues, and the reference number 9.

Fortune Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2023003 Prize number Recommended:

One code for killing: 3

Two yards reference: 4 8

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 12568*45689*01679

Duplex group 6 Reference: 012489

Arrange three single prizes: 849

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