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Issue 003 Jiangshan arrangement three prediction awards: History analysis of the same period

On January 3, 2023, the 3003rd draw was arranged.

Among them, the group was opened 6 times, and the group six opened 13 times. This issue is optimistic about the sixs of the group.

In addition, in the same period of history, the number 0-9 appears:

Among them, the number of the number is 31:26, and the strange number is active; the number ratio of the number is 27:30, and the proportion of the size of the size is basically the same;

Compared with the previous period of the previous history, in the last five years, the 350th issue number of the same period and the same period of the same period of the period of the 003 issue appeared: the same number:

Then, the 3rd 2022350th prize number is arranged: 286, which may have the same number as the 2023003 -phase award number, and the form of the prize number in this issue can refer to the 2022350 prize number form.

Combined with the above statistics, the bile code reference in this issue: 6.

Jiangshan Arrangement 3rd No. 2023003 Number Recommendation:

Award number type Reference: Group 6

One code for killing: 1

Driven: 6

Direct reference: (02568) (34679) (04689)

6 -yard group 6 recommendation: 034567

Selected one bet number: 674

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