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Issue 002 Zhongxuan Dato Forecast Award: Qi Qi Bidou Comparison

Lottery retrospective: Big Lotto 23001 Phase: 18 19 24 27 34+11 12.The span of the front area is 16, the value is 122, and the puppet ratio is 2: 3.The rear area span is 1 and the value is 23.

Last Wednesday, the leader of the front area opened the number 15, and it was opened above 05. In the last 05 or more faucet, the performance of the leader has been relatively weak. After the repayment of Wednesday last week, it can be given up on Wednesday this week.Follow the leader 05.

On Wednesday of last week, Fengwei was 28, and it was opened within 31. In the last Wednesday, the Phoenix Tail was active within 31. It opened 5 times within nine weeks.Refer to Fengwei 29.

In the front area of the strange comparison: In the last nine weeks, the number of the previous zone number of the previous zone is 26:19. The even numbers have been relatively small recently. In this issue, pay attention to the number of numbers. It is expected that 3 even numbers are issued.

Analysis of span analysis in the back zone: On Wednesday of the first nine weeks, the span of 3 or above in the back zone appeared 4 times, the span within 3 appeared 5 times, and the number of spans above 3 was less. In this issue, it was appropriately followed up.12.

Zhong Xuancai Cai Da Lotto No. 2023002 Reference

Followed by the front area, Fengwei Follow: 05 29

Reference in the front area: 2: 3

Eight code in the front area: 01 11 14 20 22 25 27 31

Big Lotto 15+5 Reference: 05 08 09 10 12 16 17 18 21 26 28 29 30 35+03 04 10 11 12

Zhong Xuanda Lotto Reference: 05 10 18 28 29+03 12

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