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Issue 002 Wang Yu Da Lotto Forecast Number: Cold and Cooler Rrendo Analysis

Review of the last issue: The 2023001 issue number of Dalo is: 18, 19, 24, 27, 34 in the front area, 11, 12 in the rear area.The third zone ratio of the front area is 0: 3: 2, and 0 weights are issued, and 1 group number 18 and 19 are opened.Large combinations in the back zone 11, 12

Comprehensive analysis of Daloqian District

Analysis of the Three District Trends:

In the first zone (01-12): 0 numbers in the previous period, the trend was relatively cold; 15 yards in the past 10 periods in the first area, the drop code is lower than the average, this issue is optimistic about the rise in the previous period.Follow: 06

The first two districts (13-24): 3 numbers of 3 numbers in the previous period 18, 19, and 24, the trend is hotter; the second phase of the second zone will fall 15 yards, and the code is lower than the average. Pay attention to the trend of the second zone in this period; it is recommended to be recommended; it is recommendedNo. 3, follow: 14, 16, 19

The first three districts (25-35): 2 numbers in the previous period: 27, 34, the trend is hotter; the three districts will fall 20 yards in the past 10 periods, and the code is higher than the average value. This issue pays attention to the trend of the three districts to cool down. It is recommended1, follow: 29

Analysis of hot and cold trend: In the previous period, cold code dropped 3 18, 24, 34, and the hot and cold ratio was 3: 2; the hot and cold ratio of the last 10 period was 21:29.The code is more than the cold code, and the attention of the hot and cold ratio is: 2: 3

Heavy number trend: 0 heavy numbers were issued in the previous period, and the weight number of the last 10 periods was 7 periods. The heavy number trend was slightly hot.

Company number analysis: 1 group number 18, 19, 19, and last 10 consecutive numbers have been launched in the previous period.The number of links is slightly hot, and this issue is not optimistic about the continuous number

Comprehensive analysis

After the last issue, the regional award number was large, and the strange combination 11, 12

The last 10 phase of the rear area is 15: 5, and the big number is hot. The large combination was opened in the previous period. The small combination of the small combination in the back zone in the back area;

The last 10 period of the strange puppet ratio in the back zone is 13: 7, and the strange number trend is slightly hot.

Recommendation in this issue: 06, 11

Comprehensive recommendation of Wang Yu Da Lotto:

Da Leyouqian District 15 yard Recommended: 02 05 06 09 13 14 16 16 22 24 26 27 29 34

Dalo Touzhong District 5 yards recommendation: 01 06 08 10 11

Big Lotto 8+3 small duplex recommendation: 02 06 13 14 16 19 24 29+06 08 11

Big Lotto 5+2 Single recommendation: 06 14 16 19 29+06 11

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