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Issue 002 Followed Banfu Lottery 3D Forecast Award: One code and value recommendation

Fucai 3D 2023001 Review: 432 prizes, a prize number ratio of 1: 2, a size ratio of 0: 3, and value of 9, and the type is group six.

Hundred positions: The last issue of the prize number is the trumpet: 4, analyze the recent 7th issue, this bit is separated: 9, odd number trumpet: 3, odd number trumpet: 1. Qi number large number: 5Supreme large number: 6, even small trumpet: 2, even small trumpet: 4, the even number appears cold, the trumpet performance is active.

Ten digits: The last prize number is issued by the small number: 3, the statistics of 7 consecutive periods of consecutive periods.Large number: 8. Tips Big Number: 4. Tips: 3, of which the trumpet trend is cold, and the even trend is hot. Ten people in this issue are optimistic about opening the trumpet even.

8: Siber large, 9: odd number large, 2: even small trumpet, of which even occurs more, and the trumpet appears less. In this issue, the even small number is expected to appear.

Pay attention to the occasion and little little small in this issue.

Harmony: The previous period and the value opened 9, showing a downward trend. In this issue, the optimistic and value decline again, and it is expected to open 6.

Follower Banfu Cai 3D No. 2023002 Recommendation:

Double gall: 2, 4, unique: 4

One code and value: 6

Positioning direct selection: 01456-01579-12578

6 code group 6: 023469

Single selection number: 014 024 045 146 248 346 347 348 455 458 477 489

Selected note: 402

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