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Issue 001 Yunhe Grand Lottery Predictive Award: Analysis of Strange Trends

The 2022150 prize number of the Big Lotto is: the front area 06 07 26 29 30, the back zone 03 12.The front area number and value 98, the span is 24.The rear region number and value are 15, span 9.

Follow -head Phoenix Tail Review Analysis: In the previous period, the dragon head opened 06, a decrease of 9 points compared to the early period, and the point of Phoenix 30 increased by 2 points compared to the previous point.

In the last eight issues, the leader was opened twice in 01-03. In this issue, the leader followed the number 0 number and recommended 03. In the last 8 issues, Fengwei 5 times were opened in 30-35.30.

Analysis of the trend of value: The previous period and value were 98. Compared with the previous point of the first point, 12 points.The average value is 94, and the range of the last 10 periods and values is opened between 51-124, with an amplitude of 73. It is expected that the current period and value will decline, which will appear around 80.

Analysis of the size of the size: In the previous period, the size ratio was 3: 2, the last eight periods accounted for 57.5%, and the trumpet accounted for 42.5%.In the last 10 periods, large numbers accounted for 54%, and the trumpet accounted for 46%, which was hot.In this issue, the small ball is hot, and the recommended size ratio is 2: 3.

Analysis of Strange Trees: In the last issue of the strange ratio ratio 2: 3, the last eight issues were 18:22, and the number of even numbers was hot. In the last 50 issues, the strange ratio ratio was 134: 116.In this issue, it pays attention to the singular number hot, and it is recommended to be 4: 1.

Analysis of the back zone: 03 and 12 numbers were opened in the previous period, which is a combination of Xiaoda and Qi.

Analysis of size: In the past 8th period, there are 12 large numbers in the area in the past 8th, and the trumpet has appeared 4 times. The recent big trend has been hot, the trumpet trend is relatively cold. In this issue, the small combination is paid to the small combination.

Opinion analysis: In the last 8 periods, there were 10 odds in the region in the past 8th period, and the number of occasional numbers appeared 6 times. Recently, the odd number of the odd numbers is relatively hot, and the number of numbers is relatively cold.Comprehensive recommendation of two yards in the back zone: 05, 10.

Dazhuan’s reference for this issue number:

Great Patron 15+5 Reference: 03 05 07 09 12 16 17 19 24 27 28 32 33+03 05 09 10 11

Big Lotto 9 + 3 Recommendation: 03 09 12 17 19 24 28 30 33+03 05 10

Big Lotto 5+2 Recommendation: 03 09 17 19 30+05 10

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