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Issue 001 Hanfei Lotto Forecast Award: Frequency Analysis of Number Number in the Area

Last prize: Da Lotto 22150 Phase: 06 07 26 29 30+03 12.

The Big Lotto Issue 001 has a history of 16 times.

Analysis of the previous district prize number:

Number size Judgment: In the historical awards, the award number ratio is 47:33, which is a low trend. At the same time this year, pay attention to the trumpet replenishment, and the size ratio is 2: 3.

Analysis of numbers of numbers: In the same period, the number of the number of the number is 46:34, and the strange number is obvious. In this issue, it is optimistic that the strange number number will be heated again.

Analysis of the same tail award number: In the same period of the same period, the 11 -phase award number includes the same tail number, and the proportion of the same tail number is 68.75%. The proportion of the same tail number is high.Optimistic about the same tail number.

Analysis of the number of continuous code: In the same period of the same period, there were eight -phase award number combinations appeared, and the proportion of the continuous code opened accounted for 50.00%. The trend of the code was significantly low.

Frequency frequency of the front area: During the same period of history, the number 03 04 10 14 16 21 in the front area was not opened; the number 07 opened the highest frequency and 5 times.

Analysis of the rear area award number: In the historical awards, the size ratio ratio of the rear area is 18:14 the spectacle ratio to 15:17

The frequency of the rear area number: 12 numbers have been opened, of which 03, 04, 08, 10, 11 numbers have the highest frequency, 4 times appear.

Big Lotto No. 2023001 Early Zone Number Recommended: 01 03 06 08 10 17 18 23 24 25 30 33 34 35

Reference in the front area: 01 06 17 24 33

Five code reference in the back area: 04 05 06 07 11

Refer to reference in the back zone: 04 06

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