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Is wheat and Gao Baozhen the best year?Ignoring Sherler and Smith


Comparison of McLouri and Gao Baoyu season

On November 23, Beijing time, the social media team of the US Tour may be kind.

They sent Twitter on Monday night, congratulations to McRur and Gao Baoyu for spend a magnificent year. Obviously, the two were renowned, and both of them played the best and most stable golf. Both of them won in their respective tour, and they also won the minimum average trophy. The bonuses are different, but the number of poles will not lie.

What about golf loyalty? There is no problem.

However, when the US tour says that they “ruled the golf world in 2022”, they must have degraded Scitid Sherry and directly ignored Cameron Smith.

The facts that were also ignored were McLouri and Gao Baozheng who did not win the Grand Slam. This is definitely not a prerequisite for a great year, but this is very conspicuous, especially when it comes to men. When comparing the achievements of the two players, the players who won the green eggplant or the wine pot were always glanced at Gao.

In addition, this year has not ended.

Cameron Smith has accepted the invitation of his hometown of Brisbane on Tuesday. He will participate in the Australian PGA Championships there, and will also fight for the fifth year of the year, and next week he will play the Australian Open.

Scott Sherle will end one year in Bahamas, and he will fight against the strong team of 20 people. Except for 4 players, all of them entered the top 20 in the world. What remains to be determined is whether he has the opportunity to recapture the world’s first throne in the world for a long time.

It can be said that these players have spent a long year.

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