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Is the European Red Devils won the championship?Nordic brothers or reproduction of script killing

In the early morning of June 12, Beijing time, the European Cup, which was late for one year, finally kicked off. As the popular Belgium, it was assigned to Group B, and the opponents of the same group include Russia, Denmark and Finland. In this group of teams, Belgium is undoubtedly popular by fans. After all, as the world’s first, Belgium obviously has such strength, but is the European Red Devil’s European Cup really stable this time? In addition, will Finland enter the European Cup for the first time, will it really become “sending points”?

Looking at the European Cup in the past 6 years, the world’s highest European team has performed well in the European Cup. In 2016, the European Cup champion was Portugal and Germany ranked third in the world, but the European Cup regretted stopping the one -third of the finals. In 2008 and 2012, Spain won the two European Cup championships, and it was the first in the world ranking. In 2004, Greek mythology staged, France stopped the one -third of the finals. In 2000 and 1996, they were the world’s highest -ranked France and Germany won the championship.

According to the previous record, the worst 4 seats at the top of Belgium today can get a top 4 seats. Based on the Belgian lineup, Belgium has some heavy heads, and the problem of strong attack and weakness is more obvious. After all, Aldwredan, Vertong, and Wilmaren’s three -center combination is more than 100 years old together. Compared with the World Cup, Feliley faded out and Wetsel was injured. Without the protection of the backline of the back of the back, especially the protection of the back, the left ribs of Belgium will suffer a violent blow from the opponent. In the group stage, it is possible to face the impact of the high -level high center of Jiuba and Balson. This is a problem that European Red Devils must pay attention to. The story of the previous European Cup was reversed by Wales.


Danish fan slogan in 2004: Two 2-2, the pasta should go home!

In addition, Group B Finland, as the “little guy” who entered the European Cup for the first time, is undoubtedly regarded as the existence of a bust of a child. Judging from the world rankings, Finland ranks 54, Russia’s 38th, and Denmark 10. The two Nordic brothers in Denmark and Finland belong to the same group. It can’t help but think of the 2004 “Nordic Brothers joined forces to do Italy”: Sweden and Denmark “tacit” and played 2-2. As a result of fighting. Combining this year’s situation, Finland is undoubtedly the least burden and the biggest X factor. Danish strength cannot be underestimated. The two teams joined forces to do something unrealistic about Belgium, but Russia faced pressure.

Of course, football is round, and everything may happen. On the field, the strength is still true. I also hope that the four teams in Group B can play well to present a wonderful game for fans and friends!

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