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Is it to be reborn in Jiangsu football?Wu Lei leads the four major countries to establish a new club

Manuscript source: Guangzhou has not won enough

The dissolution of the Jiangsu team makes many fans feel puzzled, and it is a big blow for Chinese football.Recently, the media learned through website data such as “Tianyancha” that Wu Lei, Jixiang, Li Ang and Wu Xi have established a new Jiangsu Football Club, named Jiangsu Jasmine Football Club Co., Ltd.

From related data, the investor of the club is Jiangsu Ruoben Sports Culture Industry Co., Ltd., which has a registered capital of 10 million. The legal representative is the former Jiangsu team assistant Cao Rui.The company has a total of five shareholders, which are the above four national feet and Cao Rui.

Although Wu Lei has not played in the Jiangsu team, he was born in Nanjing, and the football complex in his hometown is still there.They united to build a new football club, which is regarded as the inheritance of Jiangsu football.

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