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Iran’s Messi can play the World Cup, it is not easy to be ordered to be expelled.

Azmund was called “Iran Messi” by fans, and he made a substitute in England and hit the door frame.Before the World Cup, Azmund opened supporting domestic protests in Iran.The Iranian Ministry of Sports ordered the Football Association to remove Azmund from the World Cup list.

However, Iran’s coach and Portuguese Quarorz struggled to fight for the conference, saying that they would refuse to lead a team to fight the World Cup.In order to prevent greater impacts, Iranian softened, and agreed to call Azmun into the team.

“It doesn’t matter if you fire me, I am willing to sacrifice all this for the hair of Iranian women.”

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    TaoLiandLuguRenjiePotal 11月 22, 2022 at 2:17 上午

    Going to your ND

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    TaoLiandLuguRenjiePotal 11月 22, 2022 at 2:17 上午

    People who have seen the world will sniff at the foolish things

  3. Like you with Querez

  4. cultural invasion is even more terrible.

  5. Haha, the brothers are telling the truth

  6. snail powder is so pitiful

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