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Invantino: If Europe wants to criticize Qatar first to apologize for the past 3000 years

On Saturday, FIFA Chairman Yintino attended the press conference and talked about the World Cup -related issues.

Regarding the Europeans’ criticism of the Qatar World Cup, due to Van Tino said: “I think that in the past 3000 years, as far as our Europeans do everything around the world, before giving people moral classes, we should be these 3000 for these 3000 lessons. Apologize. “

Regarding the problem of alcohol for Qatar on the court, because Fanteino said: “If you can’t drink beer within three hours, I think you can survive. Many countries also prohibit drinking in the stadium, such as France, such as France.”

“Today, I feel the same as Qatar. Today, I feel the same as Arabia. Today I feel the same as Africa. Today, I feel the same as the disabled people. Today, I am the same as the migrant workers. There are 1 billion disabled people in the world, but no one cares about it.”

Because of Van Tino, I also said: “I know what is discriminated against. I have been bullied because of a red hair. Due to the European immigration policy, 25,000 immigrants have died since 2015. So, if we retreat a few backs, we will retreat a few backs. Step, why no one requires compensation for these immigrants? Is their life value different? “

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    ZhengfengElectronicCompany 11月 20, 2022 at 2:31 上午

    European robbers have been dominated by robbery to dominate the world for five hundred years. Within 50 years, these arrogant guys are going back to prototypes.

  2. Stealing concept

  3. Give money to say everything

  4. Yinsino: It is said that sports are far from politics, but I have to talk about politics today.

  5. The money is in place … The ending will not be much better than Blatt

  6. Wonderful conference

  7. Good guy, this buff stack

  8. Originally justice and inspiring speeches, when it comes to “I am There was a red hair … “The comedy element was full of comedy elements

  9. Many people in Europe embraced the thoughts of noble people. Europe did contribute to the development of productivity two hundred years ago, but at the same time, it hurts a lot due to its own development. In other countries, as the years have replaced, the time of the 21st century, the people of the seven continents may have made more progress. This is the trend of the development of the times. However, many people in Europe still live in two hundred years ago. With his nobleness, he always wants to impose his consciousness to others, which is enough to explain the selfishness of Europeans.

  10. Because Van Tinoobrate is reliable

  11. I hope you are talking about it

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