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International Automobile Federation F4 China Championship Macau Station Zheng Yingcong won the East Hope Ocean Championship

On November 20th, the 69th Macau Grand Michard Race ushered in the final decisive day. With the 2022 Shell Xili International Steam Format Formula China Championship and Macau Grand III equivalent Formula Formula Format Format Flite Banner, this contest also announced a successful conclusion. In the last 12 laps of this weekend, the wrestling between the three champions of the three shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Champions League is still the theme.

After a difficult battle, Zheng Yingcong from the Champ Motorsport team finally welcomed the breakthrough at home, with an impeccable performance to the Tongwangyang track for the first time. Yesterday, the champion winner Kuai Yonglin and Theodore BlackJack Racing team Liang Hanzhao won respectively. Gird-Motorsport driver Wei Ultimate and Racing-Yong team Lin Jinxin won the public championship and runner-up, and fled the grid-Li Qingxin of the Edka By KRC team to win a group championship again. The most potential driver in this field came to the building end of the BlackJack 21st team, and the popular driver was won by the S -Himeli team Lu Jingxi.

Race 10

The departure position of this game was determined by the first round of the finals. Xie Yonglin, who won yesterday, led the group to set off. After him, the local hero Liang Han Zhaowa Zheng Yingcong, Li Sicheng occupied the fourth departure space. After the start of the game, Xie Yonglin held the lead and entered the first corner. Liang Hanzhao followed closely. Zheng Yingcong successfully resisted Li Sicheng’s challenge and began to catch up with the two departures in front of him. Jing Zefeng surpassed Yu Yao to fifth. The back of the car array Lin Lili racing the wall, and the safe car was dispatched.

In the third lap competition, the first three drivers immediately launched a fierce competition in front of Lisboa. Liang Hanzhao tried to surpass Xie Yonglin on the bottom line. In the vehicle, although his front wheels had a slight contact with Xie Yonglin’s racing car, but fortunately the two had no accident. Next, Xie Yonglin opened the gap slightly on the Huanshan section, but soon he was caught by the two major enemies behind the hairpin.

Back to the start of the trail, Zheng Yingcong easily surpassed Liang Hanzhao to the second to the second to the second to the second. After that, Zeng Weiye and Li Wanqi collided in Lisboa. After the completion of the cleanup work, the sixth circle of the competition restarted again. Zheng Yingcong was excellent after passing through the Wenhua Oriental bend. He successfully removed the lead position from Xie Yonglin on the outside of Lisboa. When Zheng Yingcong brushed the fastest circle of the audience, he quickly expanded his advantage to 1.748 seconds. Xie Yonglin had no time to pick up the counterattack rhythm, just because Liang Han Showa Li Sicheng still followed closely. The fifth place Jing Zefeng is in a relatively stable rhythm, and Lu Jingxi, who is rising to the sixth, is starting a confrontation with Yu Yanyao.

Zheng Yingcong continued to increase his speed, updated the fastest circle of the audience in two times, and further consolidated his lead, and went away. Xie Yonglin also stabilized his position. Liang Hanzhao had a gap between him nearly 3 seconds. In the remaining competition, the first three competitions gradually lost their suspense. Zheng Yingcong entered the rhythm of the “cruise” and took the lead in the line with the gesture of the leader. Xie Yonglin and Liang Hanzhao’s position did not change. The fourth round of Li Sicheng, who stabilized and stable, Jing Zefeng ranked among the top five. Yu Yanyao recaptured the sixth ranking from Lu Jingxi. Wei Suo, Lin Jinxin, Lou Duan and Li Qingxin completed this unforgettable weekend with eighth to eleventh.

After this campaign, the annual journey of Macau has come to an end. Next, the Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship will go to “Lan Island” and staged the final year of the year in the 2022 Pingtan International Racing Carnival, so stay tuned.

Post -match interview

Zheng Yingcong

I still can’t believe that I won the game. This weekend is full of racing. The Champ Motorsport team has completed outstanding work. The tuning of the car is impeccable. Thank you very much for the team! I am also very happy that I can finally reach the championship throne in my hometown. This is definitely my unforgettable battle.

Xie Yonglin

I have learned a lot in Macau in this game. The local drivers are strong, and they have more advantages in experience. In fact, I was very radical when I was defending, and I had done my best. Congratulations to Zheng Yingcong, his speed is really fast today.

Liang Hanzhao

The speed of my racing all the weekend is a bit struggling. At present, I am not sure why it is, but I have done everything in the game. This is a very difficult weekend for me, but this is the game in Macau. It seems that this bad luck has come to my head. Unfortunately, this is not the result I expected, but we will continue to learn from experience and try to do better during the journey. In the end, I was very happy to compete with so many outstanding drivers again in Dongwangyang, hoping that I could fight for better results in the coming year.

After the team drivers have gathered, the attention is coming. Thanks to the title of the event, the official strategic partner, the official designated lubricant-Shell Xili, the official strategic partner-Geely Automobile, the official designated safety vehicle & medical vehicle-Xingyue S, thank you official strategic cooperation Partner, the only official designated tire-Jinhu tire, thank you only the official designation car-Wuling Automobile, the official self-recommended car maintenance products brand-car servant, thank you official clothing partner-Biqi Han, thank you official cars, thank you official cars Paint/car film partner-Du Ya, thank you official tool partners-Yierta Tools, thank the official designated drinking water-Quanyangquan, thank you official partner-Ho Shun, thank you official partner-Midi Midi Ji, thank the official brake oil partner, Fosh for strong support for this season’s Shell F4 Formula Formula! See we in Pingtan! About Formula 4

F4, Fourth -level Formula, is an Formula event founded by the International Automobile Federation in 2014. Young people who are 15 years of age can participate after receiving Formula Training Course. The F4 equations aims to fill the gap between the kart and F3, and build a road from kart to F4 and F2 for young drivers. Finally, it enters F1’s promotion path. Shell Xili International Automobile Federation F4 Formula China Championship was founded in 2015. It is the only Formula Series in China by the International Automobile Federation. The Championships is hosted by the China Automobile Motorcycle Sports Federation, and the Mingtai Racing Sports Co., Ltd. is exclusively operated and promoted. Shell Xili exclusively championship is designed to cultivate more adolescent drivers to the world’s top competitions such as F1.

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