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Ingredients Reminder: Milwall has the ability to score the score in the last 4 games.




1. Defensive: The recent four -round four -wheeled league zero -seal opponents, the defensive end performance is stable;

2. Home: In the past 5 home at home, 10 points, only lost once during the period, the home performance is stable;

3. Warfare: There is only 7 points to the direct upgrade area, which has a high desire to win;

4. Shunfeng: This season’s 11 advanced ball leagues have only lost once in the end, Shunfeng’s ability is very good;


1. Injury: Goslin, Clavili, Cordnie Hosse, Chaohari, Edo Kayham, Losa are currently injured;

2. Size: A small score has been scored in the last 5 games, and the kick is pretty conservative;



1. Size: There are 4 scores in various events in the past 6 games, and the kick is cautious;

2. Shunfeng: The 7 leagues of the advanced goals this season finally won, and Shunfeng’s ability is excellent;


1. Defensive: There have been successful goals in the last four consecutive games, and the defense stability is very poor;

2. Trends: In the past three wars data, all three wars were penetrated, and the real state became doubtful;

3. Sub -away: only 9 points scored in the 11th away this season, the score rate ranked second in the penultimate;

4. Score: There are as many as 4 times in the league this season, 0-2 scores have been scored;

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